I have always been a huge animal lover with tons of pets and even grew up competitively horseback riding! There's just something so pure about animals. 

After over 8 years of working as a professional wedding photographer here in Birmingham, Alabama and around the United States, I decided I wanted to have a creative outlet working with my favorite animals, dogs! It has been such a blessing to be able to capture these amazing animals.

I live in Trussville with my incredible husband, Alec, and our 3 rescue animals. 

I'm Katie! Animal lover, Humane Society Volunteer, and Crazy Dog Mom. 

Meet my sweet fur babies Ava my pup, Belle the black kitty, and Dixie. They make mine and my husband's lives so much sweeter, and harrier!

Both of our cats are from the GBHS and Ava is from an incredible rescue called Australian Shepherds Furever.

My Fur Babies

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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They are all good dogs.

Long walks are
good for the soul.

Good dogs deserve all the treats and belly scratches.

I believe: