Running a business can be overwhelming and requires your attention. At the same time, wowing your clients happens by providing unique and personalized services. We step in to take photo theme days off your plate at no cost to you so everyone is happy!

Why outsource?

Frequently Asked Questions

That fully depends on you! Typically, no. Most facilities chose to pass the cost on to the clients and I handle everything from payments to booking time slots to keep things easy for you. 

Absolutely! No holiday or theme is too small to celebrate. Whether you want Easter, the 4th of July, or Hanukkah we're here to make it happen. 

Normally, I can fit in between 10-20 dogs a day. For facilities with higher signup rates or who are wanting to offer multiple backdrop colors, we can come on multiple dates to make things easy for you and your clients. 

Nothing at all. I come with all my own props, treats, lighting, etc. with a setup that fits in a minimum of 16'x16' space.  If you want to provide your own props or background, we can always discuss this. 

Want to provide something classic and timeless? These classy sessions will make it happen!


Christmas, Halloween, if there's a reason to dress a pup up, this is ideal! The best part is, I provide the props! 

Holiday or theme days

These are great for back to school style photos and require the least setup and time.

Basic Backdrop

Theme Options



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