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Christmas season is upon us, and I am kicking things off with a festive start. Phoebe, an adorable Westie, was a part of my Christmas minis and melted my heart! Sometimes when pups come into the studio, it takes them a while to decompress and get used to being there. Phoebe is not one of […]

Phoebe the Westie - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Alabama Dog Photographer

Phoebe the Westie’s Christmas Mini

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Get ready to meet Lucy & Jack, two of the cutest, silliest, most adorable Standard Poodles on the planet! Lucy girl just celebrated her first birthday and is a big, beautiful girl. I absolutely love her chocolate brown coat and her little floofy feet. She cracked me up because all she wanted to do was […]

Lucy & Jack's Mini Session - Standard Poodles- The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Birmingham, Alabama Dog Photographer

Lucy & Jack Standard Poodles

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Makie and Molly are two of the most adorable pup sisters! Like most siblings, they couldn’t be any more different when it comes to their personalities. Makie, the little black pup, is an attention hog, loves the camera, and is down for tummy rubs and time you’re willing to give them. She has never met […]

Alabama Dog Photographer The Beloved Pup Photo Studio - Molly

Makie & Molly’s Private Session

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Cass & Groot are two adorable puppy brothers who came in for my recent collaboration with Top Dog Birmingham. Their back-to-school minis were so cute I couldn’t help but share them with you! First off, Cass, the brown pup, was a complete ham. He came right up to me the moment they brought him out […]

Cass &; Groot - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio & Top Dog Birmingham Minis_-16

Groot & Cass’ Mini Session

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Y’all, I am so excited to be showing off Grim and his super adorable mini session! He is such a sweet, gentle, well-behaved boy, and he absolutely blew everyone away with how good of a model he is. His human rescued him a year ago from a local shelter and has raised this amazing pup […]

Grim - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio

Grim the Pit Rat Terrier

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Sweet Cheyenne was my first corgi to have in the studio, and I may or may not have fan-girled super hard. I just don’t know if it gets any cuter than a corgi! She was quite the little diva and may not have been the easiest pup model I have had, but I firmly believe […]

Cheyenne the Corgi - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Alabama Dog & Pet Photographer

Cheyenne the Corgi

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Hey there! I am so excited that you have found your way to my little corner of the internet! While I highly prefer to just show you cute dogs in this space, I figured it was good to officially introduce myself here. So, here goes! I’m Katie Dixon, a bubbly, dog-obsessed extrovert with an obsession […]

Meet the Photographer, Katie - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio | Birmingham, Alabama Pet Photographer

Meet the Photographer- Katie

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Y’all are surely not prepared for Maggie and her adorable photo shoot! She is a mini Aussie doodle full of personality, spunk, and hilarious faces! Her bright brown eyes almost seem human-like and she is a very social and lovable pup. I especially loved how soft her coat was for a doodle and her petit […]

Maggie the Mini Aussiedoodle - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Alabama Dog & Pet Photographer

Maggie the Mini Aussiedoodle

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Cute puppy siblings, loads of matching bandanas, and plenty of silly dog faces… this session has it all and then some! Piper & Paisley came in for my most recent round of mini sessions and did a phenomenal job in front of the camera. Paisley is the little dog and gosh did she have a […]

Piper & Paisley - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Alabama Dog & Pet Photographer

Piper & Paisley

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You already know that I love when puppy siblings come in, and when they’re Golden Retrievers… my heart melts instantly! Forest & River checked off all the boxes! They are handsome, well-behaved, precious boys who were rockstars in front of the camera. Forest was the main star of the show as his humans have him […]

Forest & River Golden Retriever Service Dogs - The Beloved Pup Photo Studio Birmingham, Alabama Dog Photographer

Forest & River the Golden Retrievers