We offer a limited number of shoot dates each year to ensure we offer a truly personalized shoot for each pup. You can sign up for our upcoming shoot or join our waitlist to get exclusive access to new dates before the general public.

A Boutique Dog Photography Experience

Each studio mini session is 40 minutes long and private sessions are an hour long. The first 5-10 minutes are typically spent allowing your dog to get comfortable in the space along with getting a LOT of treats!

We use lots of positive reinforcement and treats to help let your dog know they're doing a great job! No matter how many tricks they know we will be able to capture some sweet photos.

You will get to choose up to 1 backdrop color from our current selection. We will have tons of treats, non-toxic bubbles, and toys available. Beyond that, you are welcomed to bring any of your dogs favorite toys, treats, outfits, bandanas, and other props for us to use!

Wondering what a 
studio session looks like? 

Our Background Options

We do highly encourage you to teach your dog basic commands like sit, stay, and lay down. Beyond that everything else is just fun for photos.

Does my dog need to know tricks?

Questions & Answers

Yes! Wave, sit pretty, and treat catching are all super adorable for photos!

Are there any tricks you reccomend beyond the basics?

Just your pup! We have everything necessary. You can, of course, bring fun outfits, favorite toys, and props if you would like to but it is not required.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Each 40 minute session can accommodate up to 2 dogs. If you have more than that, we recommend booking back-to-back sessions or a private session with us. 

What if I have multiple dogs?

Join us this coming January in Trussville, Alabama for fun shoot days packed with fun tricks and treats! Minis can host up to 2 dogs from the same family per mini session. For more dogs or a more personally tailored experience, inquire about my private sessions.

Our next mini-session dates are January 28th!

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